I owe my students a lot of things: the motivation to reflect and learn permanantely, the will to verify statements and instructions due to their consistence & practicability, and much more... I pay particular attention to fine communication, basic work and individual further education corresponding to the philosophy of the academic art of riding.


To all of my students:
Unfortunately from today (1.12.2020) I am not even allowed to teach you in an outside riding arena due to Covid regulations. I fear the situation will not change too soon.
I can only encourage you to deepen, examine and research everything you have learned so far. Take stock. Define goals. Clearly formulate what has been achieved so far. What feels good? What are you sure about? Do not compare yourself to others. Our lessons prepared you in the best possible way to work independently. You are already very good trainers for your horses! Trust your skills! Trust yourself!
Ask your horses, listen to them even more carefully. They are definitely your most important teachers.
If you have the feeling that you have reached a dead end, then you are welcome to contact me. I know most of you quite well. I know your ponies. We'll find a way out ... for sure! In very bad cases of self-doubt, perplexity and insecurity I can also help you of you send me a video that I work through live (via Skype or similar) with you. Or we can arrange an online lesson live. Should you have ideas for other formats ... I'm open to new ideas!
Stay save and well! And enjoy your horses