Mein KALENDER für 2019

Ab sofort kann man INTENSIVWOCHEN für 2019 in der Oberschwaig buchen, mein neuer Kalender liegt bereit ; )

Bent Branderup live in der Oberschwaig ... 19./20.10.2019


WILLOW   15.5.1991 - 29.8.2016


The dayclinics delve into a certain subject. There is one theory part (9.30 -12 Uhr) and afterwards practical lessons. You can paricipate either in theory, practical lessons or both parts. A maximum of 8 riders is possible.


These topics are possible:

dayclinic „Introduction into the academic art of riding“
dayclinic „Groundwork and longeing“ 
dayclinic „young horses - the easy way“
dayclinic „mobilisation of old and rehab horses“
dayclinic „sequences, or: how can I structure my work?“
dayclinic „Suppleness“
dayclinic „The primary aid“
dayclinic „The secundary aids“
dayclinic „sidemovements / straighten up“
dayclinic „collection / halt“
dayclinic „the curb“
dayclinic „train your view“
dayclinic „Train the Trainer“  

dayclinic "Exclusiv" videoanalyses and personal Intensive coaching  


Clinic language can be german and english! I travel in Europe and overseas.