KALENDER für 2021

Ab sofort kann man INTENSIVWOCHEN für 2022 in der Oberschwaig buchen, mein neuer Kalender liegt bereit ; )

Bent Branderup live in der Oberschwaig / Themenseminar  19./20.3.2022

WILLOW   15.5.1991 - 29.8.2016

I offer online coaching to students who live too far away or have another reason.


How it works?
Film a sequence of your training up to 15 minutes long, put it on your private YouTube channel and send me the link to your video. After I have studied it, we make an appointment for a phone call. During the conversation we watch the video at the same time. I comment on the work, answer questions, explain  and we work out the next training steps together.


There is also the possibility of live lessons via Skype..