KALENDER für 2021

Ab sofort kann man INTENSIVWOCHEN für 2022 in der Oberschwaig buchen, mein neuer Kalender liegt bereit ; )

Bent Branderup live in der Oberschwaig / Themenseminar  15./16.10.2022

WILLOW   15.5.1991 - 29.8.2016


I am a horse addict - ever since I can remember!

Horses open my heart.


A twist of fade gave me the chance to arrange the first Bent Branderup clinic in 2003. This still continues. I am his student for many years now, dearly seeking to develop and improve my skills as a trainer for horses and humans.


I am a member of the knighthood of the academic art of riding.

in spring 2010 I passed the squiretest, in autumn 2011 the lungeing/groundworktest.


I am a licenced Bent Branderup ® Trainer since 2014.