I offer online coaching to students who live too far away or have another reason. How it works?

Nothing is easier then live lessons via Skype or zoom. All you need is a good wifi connection, bluetooth headphones and a mobile phone. If your Wifi is too bad you can film a sequence of your training up to 15 minutes long, put it on your private YouTube channel and send me the link to your video. After I have studied it, we make an appointment for a phone call. During the conversation we watch the video at the same time. I comment on the work, answer questions, explain  and we work out the next training steps together.




Online theory classes are a great way to deepen certain training topics, entirely focus on learning with full attention and getting new inspiration. My seminars are full of knowledge as well as tips and tricks for your training. Ad theory for learning with maximum focus!

You are at least 6 horse nerds? Contact me for your favourite and individual  topic!