Spending time with horses in a beautiful way ... this includes besides a lot of knowledge about horse keeping, feeding, communication, behavior, biomechanics, biotensegrity, sensomotoric, horsemanship, ground-, longe- and handwork, didactics, history, breeding, equipment, ... the ability to be the best version of myself in the here & now. ACADEMICART OF RIDING not only opens the door to the knowledge that makes me a good horseman, but also encourages me to continue researching and searching and sharing knowledge - for the benefit of horses.

Luckily I arranged the first Bent Branderup seminar in 2001. Since then he comes twice a year for a clinic. I have been his student for years now, honestly striving to develop and improve my skills as a trainer of horses and people.


I am a member of the Knighthood of Academic Art of Riding. Since 2014 I am a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer ®.