Mein KALENDER für 2019

Ab sofort kann man INTENSIVWOCHEN für 2019 in der Oberschwaig buchen, mein neuer Kalender liegt bereit ; )

Bent Branderup live in der Oberschwaig ... 19./20.10.2019


WILLOW   15.5.1991 - 29.8.2016

copyright Kati Siewerth
copyright Kati Siewerth

By prior arrangement I am glad to wellcome weekstudents. At the Oberschwaig your horse is hosted either on a paddock with shelter and/or in the stable. The student receives two private lessons each day from monday to thursday.


This is an ideal condition to delve into a special subject.  During your spare time the region offers cultural and hippological destinations ...


Armee-Museum Ingolstadt

Kelten-Römer-Museum Manching

Staatsgalerie Flämische Barockmalerei Neuburg